June 16, 2011

Baby Orangutan adventures

Orangutans are endangered animals despite their cute looks we almost
resemble these beautiful apes

The Young Orangutan

The mother orangutan is her off­spring’s first real playmate. She finds snails and round fruit to amuse him and encourages him to frisk and leap about. She teaches him to make his way slowly down the damp tree trunks, to catch lizards, to steal eggs from nests, to drive insects from their nests, and to recognize the places where necessary
Orangutans sped most of their lives in trees and with powerful hands and legs
they have no need to comedown as they get most of their food up there

The new-born orangutan weighs a kilo gram, or slightly more, and from the day he is born he is able to hold on by himself, to the shaggy hair of his mother’s chest. This contact provides warmth and a sense of protection. During the four years of his long infancy, the young orangutan behaves almost like a human baby: when frightened, he cries; when annoyed, he is bad humored; and when happy, he kisses his mother’s face for a full half-hour.
Baby orangutans always cling to their mothers as they feed holding tightly
to the tits as they swing from one tree to another

Early in life he eats plants which his mother chews up for him and transfers from her mouth to his. When he is one year old, he can feed by himself on fruit, buds and tender leaves. In three years’ time he runs rapidly on all fours and, if necessary, stands up on his hind legs for a few minutes. Though he is able to find his way in the dense Indonesian jungle, now and then he gets lost; but if his mother hears his cries for help, she will rescue him.

Have you ever wondered why people would want to have orangutans as pets
Do they really know what it takes to be the Man of the forest?
To develop young muscles and a sense of balance, the mother pushes her two- or three-month-old orangutan on to a branch, having first tested its strength, for a first lesson in jungle gymnastics.

Orangutans are the only wild animals which  have perfected the art of

The animals of Asia that live in the tropical Asian forests and specially the orangutans in Borneo and orangutans found in Sumatra and all the wildlife of the world have always been a beauty of any natural habitat. Monkeys and chimpanzees in the African rain forest have seen their good days and their bad days as well. The Congo forest with its amazing silver back gorillas is facing an extinction of the different money species, chimpanzee, gorillas and other wild rare exotic animal species despite the fact the fact that beautiful African animals safaris in Kenya South Africa and many of the Savannah habitat in African is known for its great silver back gorillas, the African Big cats and the African big five animals or Kenya big 5.
What does it take for an orangutan to be ab
endangered animal

As far as the Asian wild animals and the ape family is concerned, the orangutan is the most beautiful great ape that which inhabits the deep dangerous forests of the Asian continent where different wildlife species are found in different animal habitat with animals found in different habitats such as the hot and cold deserts of Asia, the cold regions and the ice caped mountains of the Himalayas as well. 

Why are orangutan endangered and how are the orangutans endangered? Are these orangutans facing extinction or there are no facts about orangutans which can help explain the plight of the orangutans in the different orangutan’s habitats in many parts of the world? If there is information about these beautiful orangutans which person keep as pets and use some of the orangutan’s body parts such as the orangutans skill, is there any thing substantial which can be done to save these orangutans? These are just some of the frequently asked questions about orangutans whether they are in the wild or these orangutans are in captivity.
With a lot of habitat loss orangutans are left with little natural habitat in the
wild and become prone to illegal animal poaching and hunting

Many animals are becoming extinct in Asia and as far as the different causes for such a degradation or reduction in the number of animal species is concerned, illegal animal poaching and trade in animal body parts is just one of the main causes why some of these orangutans are becoming endangered as well as many of the wild animal species in Asia. If Africa has faced and is still facing these viscous cycles of land degradation and loss of habitat loss for most of its wild life and animals in the wild as a whole, the Borneo orangutans and the Sumatra orangutans are having the same problem as far as the plight of the orangutans is concerned. 

Whether it’s the civil wars in these regions or just the conflict between man and animals is just one of the greatest animal fact for a cause of animals being endangered and a reason for animals to be come extinct. The orangutans in the wild within the great forest of Borneo and Sumatra have little breeding grounds and feeding grounds in their habitat which is mostly composed of the tropical Asian forest habitat. 
Orangutans need to be saved, their skulls their fur, their meet their babies is
just not worth as these animals are fit to be wild in the wild. cute pic

In the Congo forest, the endless civil wars forced people to find refuge in these forests of Africa and the chain in change of habitat for many of the wild animals were forced to move deeper in the forest. While many of the people who took refuge in such forests found animals which they could hunt easily and store, day in and day out these tropical rain forests were been reduced and illegally poached in large numbers as there was no organ of the different governing bodies to keep a check on the plight of the animals while the plight of humans themselves already was at stake. In this beautiful part of Asia and with its great forests, the orangutan habitat forest is stretching back at a very alarming rate. habitat. 
Cute baby orangutan growing up to master its home

The need for food crops, timber and road construction and the general habitat of man has diminished most of the orangutans’ natural habitat. As a matter of fact, people who venture into the wild have found ways of catching these orangutans and removing them from their natural habitat. Keeping orangutans as pets has been one of the most promising business for many farmers and other few people who have vested interest in animals as they find loopholes in the existing animal protection systems in these great forests which need to be manned but with few and little resources at their disposal.

Orangutan attacks conflicts with farmers If orangutans eat the farmer’s crops, they are captured or killed. What is the main reason for all this? It’s the humans who are to blame as they are the ones who in the first place became adventurous and ventured into the enchanted territories of the orangutans. Had people not opted for such easy to get land grabbing ideas with no systems of checks and balances, the orangutan and other primates and apes would not have been endangered and some of the world animals such as the Javan  rhino would not have become extinct as  well.What is the most amazing fact about orangutans? 
the orangutans that are taken from the wild end
up as pets and live a miserable life in captivity
A very happy cute baby
orangutan swinging in the tree

Is it because people like orangutans because the hair of an orangutan is reddish brown or is it because some of the most amazing interesting news about orangutans such as this: Denver Zoo veterinarians called on local doctors to help save Sally the orangutan, who had an infected tumor in her uterus. "It just warmed your heart. I felt honored and privileged. To look back at your life one day and say, 'I was able to help this endangered species.” 
Cute baby orangutan have very little survival
chances in the wild due to habitat loss 

"If doctors who have no knowledge of operating on an orangutan find ways and means of saving the lives of these orangutans which are endangered animals already why not the common man? What do people really know about the population of orangutans? Is it stagnant or has it gone down. Are the numbers of orangutan sightings increasing or decreasing with conflicts with man? As far as the general population of orangutans in the wild is concerned, the population if orangutans is about 30,000 orangutans. If that is a big population for the orangutan or ape species, where is there a hue and cry? Is it because the people who adopt take these baby orangutans and sell them as pets deprive the orangutan the basic life necessities to live in the wild and die in the wild like any other orangutan which have roamed the beautiful Asian habitat. 
There is always something cute and funny about
these cute orangutan baby hair

With little facts about the orangutan’s population being sketchy just like any other animal population in the wild in Africa Europe Australia and within the Amazon forest the orangutans are endangered and with the change in environment and weather conditions such as floods earth quakes and tsunamis, the orangutans just like any other wild animal in this earth will keep on facing and experiencing these unforeseen changes and keep on adopting with it and at the same time as may more orangutan pets keep on flooding the different orangutan homes and zoos of the world might as well increase on the awareness of the orangutans as well. 

Doctors Save Orangutan
One of the most beautiful orangutan cute picture

Doctors at the University of Colorado didn’t expect to have an orangutan on their operating table. The 44-year-old primate from the Denver Zoo was suffering from anemia and had a large infected tumor in her uterus. So zoo vets called on the local docs for help. The Denver Post has the details: REPORTER: “Six hours of surgery and a team of five doctors assisted by zoo veterinarians.” VET: “It was the job of the surgeons to go through and dissect out and separate the different organs” REPORTER: “No road map to help them.” DOCTOR: “Even Google couldn’t pull up anything about orangutan anatomy.” Specialists in gynecology and oncology in charge of the surgery knew it wouldn't be easy to operate on their furry patient. 
Baby orangutan playing at the protection of it
mother untul it is big enough to fend for itself

They told KUSA the biggest challenge they faced was the potential loss of blood.   "There's not a blood bank for the orangutan, so that would be a case where in order to get blood, they would have had to find her closest relative in another zoo” The six-hour surgery turned out to be a success and, six weeks later, the doctors returned to find a back-to-normal Sally. One doctor told the Post she’ll never forget this operation. “ It just warmed your heart. I felt honored and privileged. To look back at your life one day and say, ‘I was able to help this endangered species.’ In the wild the orangutan uses its natural instinct to nature its young ones and provide all the protection until the young or baby orangutans re able to fend for themselves and also to socialize freely but how do you expect a human being to adopt an orangutan without even the knowledge of keeping a cat or even a small dog?
I wonder where we baby orangutans are being
taken. Are we going to the zoo or are we being
re introduced to the wild or are we being sold
as pets? That scares me
The most beautiful orangutan baby and mother

With great wild animals such as the orangutan comes great responsibility as well. Orangutans are animals which are used to trees. If you think the African leopard is a babe in the African Savannah woods, the orangutans are babes in the Sumatran and Bornean orangutan’s habitat. These beautiful apes despite the fact that they are found in different regions, they are almost related to each other and have managed to adapt to their living environment as well.

Orangutan physical characteristics
Just like the mountain gorilla and the silverback the Borneo orangutans have somehow a big body as well. The typical shape and size of the orangutan is a bit bulky and large. As far as the neck is concerned, the orangutan’s neck is strong and thick due to the long arms and energy needed to support the orangutan while moving and jumping from tree to tree.
Orangutans provide all the basic care to their kids
whether these cute babies are in captivity, the
mother orangutan gives the perfect milk to feed
Where in the world do you find orangutan
grooming services for free 

While most of the day the orangutan spends on the trees the survival of the orangutan depends mostly on its ability to hang on trees and hence the orangutan unlike any other apes, the orangutan has the strongest arms in the world and with no straight legs like humans but having very powerful bowed legs which also act like hands for grasping and dangling among the branches of trees and even to be able to hung upside down. If you think chimpanzees are amazing animals, wait until you see an orangutan hanging upside down and spinning around. It’s just a thing which people who have ventured into the wild to see these beautiful orangutans in their habitat can really explain how amazing orangutans are. 

Most orangutans are four to five feet long. To some extent, some orangutans can reach a length of about six feet. The adult male orangutan’s can weigh about 100 and 200 pounds and adult female orangutans can weigh about 65 and 100 pounds. In general orangutans have some of the most amazing arms which can reach five feet long.
Baby orangutan don't worry my eyes are  on you
one day you will realize how endangered we are

What are the advantages of an animal to have a tail? Is it to chase away flies or is it used to mark the territory or area where it is standing? Well for the elephant, the tail is mostly used to chase away flies and mostly to locate the baby elephant which might be following behind and as a way of holding to. Why then don’t orangutans have tails? Is it because their long hands are just perfect to chase flies and to scratch anybody part which might be itchy? Well the orangutan just like the silver back gorilla does not have a tail as well.

Which animal is mostly related to the orangutan? As far as the face of the orangutan is concerned, the orangutan has a face which is almost similar to a baboon and a gorilla. Despite the fact that the orangutan’s body is mostly covered with long reddish-brown hair and grey-black skin baboons and gorillas have a black skin or black hair.  Just like the gorilla, the orangutan has a large head with somehow a big mouth which has always been a musing when some of the pet chimpanzees which have been trained are appear in national television doing different types of tricks and in many circuses all over the world. The orangutans in many zoos as well give a clear picture as to how the beautiful animals can also be intelligent.

If people have hair on their faces while some people have no hair, orangutans also are apes which don’t have hair on their faces but as far as orangutan males are concerned, these kings of the Bornean forest can develop some hair on their upper lip which gives them the perfect animal moustache.

Orangutan’s diet
Do we really like bananas or this is
just a bait so that they ca adopt me?
One beautiful happy orangutan family feasting
beautiful amazing animal picture
The beautiful forests of Asia have all the food that the orangutan’s diet is made of. Wild fruits, leaves berries nuts, barks of trees, roots insects eggs small animals birds all make up as part of the orangutan’s diet and food available in the wild. Since orangutans are omnivorous their natural feeding and breeding grounds largely depends of the amount of food available and the quantity of food which can help sustain a family of orangutans as far as their range is concerned. So whether it’s a combination of different pants which might make the daily food for the orangutan or just flesh or meat not forgetting fish as well might just supplement the diet of the orangutan as well.
Many orangutan volunteers help protect these beautiful cute
babies of orangutans while on captivity
Not all baby orangutans survive in the wild due
to natural predators and diseases as well

Being in the forest and with the ever changing environmental conditions, these beautiful animals are always faced with competition with human beings who enter into their habitat and in the event cut down some of the most important feeding grounds of the orangutans and with the little varieties of trees to eat or leaves to much on which could be around two hundred types, animal competition as far as food scarcity and food shortages renders many of the orangutan feeding mothers to abandon their baby orangutans as there is no milk to feed them on. 
Borneo orangutan pet trade is one of the causes 
why these cute orangutans become homeless

Whether it’s a natural animal instinct where you find animals like the cheetahs abandoning their cubs or a hippopotamus neglecting its cup just after birth is something which people don’t know about animals and their animal instincts as well. These are some of the incidences which lure people to venture in the forest to look for abandoned orangutans and sell them in the market and hence the boon in orangutan babies as pets in the local markets and international markets as well.

 The dangers that Orangutans face
Beautiful male orangutan's face cute animal pic
Why would people want to kill
such beautiful creatures?
If you know your favorite pizza joint or any or that crispy chicken with some chips to go with in your neighborhood or downtown, orangutans are also very good at knowing from over 200 plants species and fruits that grow in their habitat and to know exactly when the fruits will be ready or when they are ripening. Whether they are annual fruits or fruits which take two to three years to ripen, these beautiful intelligent apes of Asia will just march to these trees and start their fruit eating festival only to be distracted by other powerful orangutan males which might venture into the same habitat looking for the same fruits and wanting to share the rest of the pie in the trees as well. 
If there is a voice to help save the orangutans,
everyone can help save these cute apes of Asia
Apes of the rain forest of Asia

Like any other social animals in the forest of Asia, the orangutan males are also territorial animals as well. Breaching the orangutans’ habitat always creates dangerous orangutan conflicts and fights since orangutans are very territorial animals. The next time you hear different calls and yelling among the forest, just know it’s the ‘person of the forest’ or ‘man of the forest’. The word orangutan comes from the Malay language and means 'person of the forest' - from the words ‘orang' meaning people and ‘hutan' meaning forest. But who would dare venture into the orangutan’s habitat in the wild? 
If the logging and the deforestation continues, i
wonder whether I will end up in a cozy bed
or become the last of the Asian Orangutan

There are people who have discovered the wealth found in these forests which is part of the natural habitat of Asia. Logging and the need to land for farming has created and is still creating a lot of destruction in the orangutan’s ecosystem. With every inch of the forest being stepped on, the orangutan food and habitat is displaced three folds. If palm oil is replacing many of the natural forests, in the end, you will still have the need to plant more palm trees and the end of all the animals found in these forests of Asia. These palm oil plantations are no doubt increasing the living standards of the local people but as far as logging is concerned, the workers taking part with all these man made activities do play a very big role in the degradation of the orangutan species in general. 
I am glad there are people who are helping to
save the orangutan generation in the world
Its not just the habitat loss that
we are crying for, its our privacy

The more the logging activity penetrates deep into the forests the easier for illegal animal or orangutan poaching becomes easy as more areas of the forests become easily accessible by day and night where there is no protection or care given to these orangutans in the wild. While the same principles applies whether its in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya or the famous Kruger national parks where poachers shoot these beautiful animals with bows and arrows or even poison the feeding mothers so that they can take the young animals when the mothers are dead. 
animals of tropical rain forest Borneo orangutan 
rain forest species orange orangutan 

In the heart of the orangutan’s forests, poachers always kill the mother orangutans, and capture their babies. Why would someone want to adopt a baby orangutan as a pet if there are so many young boys and girls who need all the motherly love tender and care? Is the animal love really surpassing the natural mother and baby love? Why in the world are we living in the world like this? Is it the fame of having a pet orangutan or is it just a way of putting more and more videos of orangutan on the internet ever day just to get over one million orangutan vies in a day. Well I am sure there has to be something which needs to be done about it for all those people who are having orangutans as pets or baby orangutans as pets as well. 
orangutans picture 
orangutan images 

These cute little apes need all the orangutan family to take care of it. Where in the world did people know how to nature an orangutan in the first place? Do we have researchers who have slept in the forest day in day our climbing trees and observing what the orangutans are doing and well thinking day in and day out? If these are questions that one can clearly say yes. I have all the facts about orangutans and keep in one is a piece of cake, just remember when the orangutan catches a cold or falls down with a minor accident, you just need to be ready to donate blood for any operation. Guess what I wonder where you are going to get a match for the orangutan.
orangutan photo 

If such activities can be put to a proper check, this will not only deter people from all walks of life to stop adopting illegal exotic animals for the sake of keeping then as pets while there are millions of other animals in animal sanctuaries which need a home but end up being euthanized due to lack of people to adopt them, facilities to house them and the overall cost of raising these pets or animals as well.

 Do you think orangutans can live properly in the wild? How big a cage can you build for an orangutan? Why would you want to coop a huge animal which wants to spend all its life in the trees day in day out come rain come sun shine? Would you like to be a slave in this modern age where every animal is born free with all animal rights and human rights there to protect? Lets all love all animals in order to save all.

"orangutan for kids orangutan kids how do orangutans live "

orangutan characteristics orangutans life cycle orangutan survival
 what do orangutan eat what does orangutan eat orangutan 

orangutan food chain orangutan 

Few people manage to make orangutan holiday trips to Borneo and Sumatran
to see these beautiful apes in the wild

orangutan make different sound to communicate and very few people have
managed to 
acquire this  special skill or orangutan speech

orangutans are very intelligent animals and have feelings just like humans

orangutan live on tree but deforestation is gaining on them at a very first rate

cute funny little baby orangutans resting waiting for their food in captivity

orangutan conservation projects help cute baby orangutan  to be introduced back
to the wild where they can start their families again

The largest orangutan population is found in Sumatran and Borneo 

orphanage Borneo orangutan 

Deep in thoughts while feeding wondering where the next meal is going to
to come from or who the next predator is going to be


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