November 01, 2012

Giant Panda with the Bamboo: Beautiful Amazing Panda Animal Safari Travel Destinations

Beautiful Amazing Giant Panda Animal Safari Travel Destinations Around the world

The giant panda Scientific Classification (Genus and Species, Family, Order): Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Ursidae, Carnivora just as the beautiful dangerous grizzly bears and the polar bears have made names in the history as some of the most beautiful animals and the most endangered bear species in the world. Where in the world would you see the greatest number of pandas other than China in the deep bamboo forests where these pandas have been chewing the bamboo for as long as the crouching tigers and snow leopards have been roaming these great forests of China with all its endangered wild animals in their natural habitat sharing with the pandas as well. 

What is always so special about pandas? Why are pandas loved by people all over the world? I also love pandas and when the movie Kung Panda was released, I was very much inspired by this animated panda film such that it even made me fall in love with panda. With many famous panda zoos in the world coming up and helping in the conservation and protection of the panda among the children the youth and many animal safari lovers being informed about pandas, the plight of these endangered pandas across the world and the care they are given not forgetting the illegal panda poaching has really seen the numbers of panda population go down. 

While a lot of work about panda restoration is till taking place, many zoos where pandas are raised and kept have helped seen a steady increase in the panda population but these baby steps in raising pandas captivity is not as sufficient as the real life pandas would have in the wild. 

Do people really have to travel to China on a Panda animal safari to see these giant pandas? Many zoos of the world now days have managed to get a few pandas despite the pandas already facing great extinction in many parts of China and Asia and due to the endangered panda habitat among the beautiful panda habitat which is mainly composed of bamboo forest and famous might still be in danger if nothing is being done to eradicate the pandas from being endangered despite the continuous conflict of the  panda habitat and the ever ending man’s need for land for development, agriculture and for economic purposes as well. 

Despite the Chinese doing their efforts to spare more that 30 reserves for the plight of the pandas, progress is still being made for many people to realize that the Chinese are also doing their best in creating a home for thee giant pandas for people of all walks of life to come and see and at the same time share some of the pandas in many of the worlds famous zoos as well so that panda research and panda education can be ongoing in helping understand the panda even better. 

Seeing pandas in the zoo is not as interesting as when you would see pandas in the wild. The experience you get when you see pandas in their natural habitat, the bamboo and the sounds they make just thrills you up and makes your travel to this panda destination just a visit and a safari to remember.

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in USA
Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, USA
San Diego Zoo, San Diego, USA
Memphis Zoo, Memphis, USA
Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, USA

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Mexico
Chapultepec Zoo, Mexico City, Mexico

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Spain
Madrid Zoo and Aquarium, Madrid, Spain

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Germany
Zoo Berlin, Germany

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Austria
Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Australia
Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, Australia

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Hong Kong 
Ocean Park, Hong Kong 

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Thailand 
Chiang Mai Zoo, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Taiwan 
Taipei Zoo, Taipei, Taiwan 

Some of the famous beautiful Panda travel zoo destination in Japan
Kobe Oji Zoo, Kobe, Japan 
Adventure World, Shirahama, Japan 

Some of the famous Panda travel zoo destination in China
Zhengzhou Zoo. Zhengzhou, China
Yunnan Safari Park. Kunming, China
Xixiakou Park. Shandong, China
Xiangjiang Safari Park. Guangzhou, China
Shanghai Zoo. Shanghai, China
Shanghai Wild Animal Park. Shanghai, Putong, China
Seven Star Park. Guilin, China
Macau's Panda Pavillion
Hongshan Forest Zoo. Nanjing, China
Hong Kong Ocean Park. Hong Kong
Giant Panda Ecological Park at the Wannan National Wild Animal Center “Eco Eden” Anhui, Xinuning, China
Fuzhou Panda World. Fuzhou, China
Chongqing Zoo. Chongqing City, China
Beijing Zoo Beijing, China

Panda natural habitat and protection of the Panda Reserves

With every ecosystem in any natural habitat, wildlife and any other living organisms depend upon each other and the survival of one species of organism always has an impact depending whether the endangered panda are not on top of the food chain in the beautiful dangerous bamboo forests of China. While life in the zoo is as artificial as it can be with little provision of the natural habitat of the panda China is all geared up in helping conserve the panda and lessons to be learned all over the world as well. While china is being blamed for the plight of panda being on the verge of extinction despite the fact that China still has the highest number of pandas in the world, the cultural and medicinal aspects of panda body parts is still one are which needs to be addressed and help quell this ever ending struggle between pandas and the bear species with all the norms regarding their body parts as well. 

While much is being done in the protect of the national forests of China with all its animal species and mostly where pandas reside, the panda breeding grounds and the panda feeding grounds as well. Since pandas eat mostly bamboo, the protection of the staple diet of the panda ensures adequate food for the pandas so that they don’t have to venture far from their natural habitat thereby having less contact with humans apart from other animals of predators which also tend to hunt pandas such as the snow leopard and the Asian tigers and since like all animals use their own animal instincts to look for water and pasture, it comes a time when these pandas have to migrate due to weather conditions and hence the provision of these reserves best serve as a connection between the different panda habitat hence opening of the panda migratory routs which need to be kept open for the pandas to breed well with other pandas from different forests as well hence ensuring that inbreeding does not take place as well. 

To some extent, the protectors of panda need to come from within the places where these pandas are residing. The proper panda protection can only be done if the panda habitat is accessible such that there is policing of may of the routs where logging in the panda habitat is taking place which always results in illegal panda poaching for its body parts to be sold in the local market and many of the panda babies end up as pets in the international market as the unchecked logging activities continue to diminish the panda’s habitat and in the whole degrading the natural forest where pandas and other animal thrive in these natural forests. 

With little resources available to help the pandas the reserves were made so that communication in and out of the panda reserves can be established in rescuing pandas that are sick or needed medical attention and to some extent where baby pandas end up being abandoned by their mothers as is always some of the rare cases in the animal kingdom. With a lot of information still not being known about pandas, Eco tourism in these panda reserves have encouraged people to venture into the world of panda and have had the chance to see these giant pandas in the wild. While research about pandas is till shading some light about the giant panda the locals are also having an opportune it to be part of the conservation efforts of the pandas and a win, win situation for the panda the locals and all those conducting research as well.

What are some of the best know facts about the Giant Panda?
The Giant pandas as beautiful as they can be are black and white bears. These beautiful endangered animals of Asia are mostly found mostly in the temperate-zone with the entire natural habitat which is mainly composed of bamboo forests in central China.  If people know Africa for its big wild animal safaris, China is no doubt the home for the giant pandas as these great beautiful animals have been cherished by all from tradition to the modern age and the plight of the pandas despite all, China still is one of the best places to travel to see these giant pandas readily available in the wild and in the protected areas as well. If you want to relate any thing which has of very high status as far as animals are concerned, the giant panda has made a name not only in the real conservation effort bat both the rich and the poor have found ways and means to find a link in creating awareness and as an animal of National pride to the Chinese as well.

Giant Panda migration and Geographic Distribution

The giant panda Scientific Classification (Genus and Species, Family, Order): Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Ursidae, Carnivora is found in some of the best animal habitat in china. When you talk of bamboo and pandas, there is no other better destination to see these giant pandas other than the beautiful mountain ranges in central China’s Sichuan, Gansu provinces and Shaanxi. Many of the pandas once thrived in the lowland areas where life was heaven for the pandas but with the advent of time, animal competition and man’s need for land use and for other economic benefits such as farming to make china self sufficient in its already food supply, forest clearing, the making of roads and the opening of the hinterland has cut off most of the pandas migration routs  and as a result there are not as many pandas in China even  today as one would have expected despite the fact China has the biggest number of the giant panda population in the wild and in the zoos as well
Great Giant Panda Natural Habitat

If water is to fish, the lion is to the African Savannah, the giant panda is defiantly at home at any bamboo natural forest and that is where these Giant pandas are comfortably at home. While most of the pandas in china are found in the forest, pandas mostly prefer the coniferous forests with all the rich vegetation which makes most of the giant panda’s diet which is mostly composed of bamboo shoots and bamboo leaves as well.  With such a natural habitat for the pandas to move, these pandas have the perfect feeding and breeding grounds with the abundant of moisture and the water needed  by the pandas which is easily available due to the cloud cover and the mist making it a perfect habitat for the pandas.

Endangered Giant Panda Physical Description

Pandas are such amazing creatures. A giant panda with all its beautiful back and white colors is just like a bear as far as the shape is concerned. All giant pandas have beautiful black fur on their ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, and shoulders. The other parts of the panda bear's coat or skin is white. Many animals with their natural instincts have managed to survive and blend easily with their surroundings. The coat of the animal plays an important part while blending with its natural environment and natural habitat in terms of predators which are there in the wild but as far as the giant panda predators are concerned. If the beautiful Chinese forest came in shades of black and white, it would clearly state why the giant pandas are having black and white coat or fur. 

But when you come to think of it, the moisture and the mist in the  air covered by cloudy weather day in and day out makes the giant panda to blend in such thick smoky weather conditions such that it blends perfectly but  there are still many other reasons which keep on puzzling scientists as exactly why the panda was blessed with a shade of black and white for its coat. Despite the fact scientists do not know reasons to the mysteries of the unusual bears are black and white, some speculate that the bold coloring provides effective camouflage into their shade-dappled snowy and rocky surroundings. The giant panda's thick, wooly coat keeps it warm in the cool forests of its habitat. If you think the grizzly bears are the only animals on the planet which have razor sharp teeth, well the giant pandas have large molar teeth and amazing strong jaw muscles for crushing tough bamboo.

If you think the mahogany tree or the tick tree are some of the hardest tree in the world, you better guess again the bamboo tree is just as tough and if the pandas can tear them down and munch them, you just need to have that power to be able to bite through the bamboo. In the wild and in captivity, these beautiful endangered animals have all played their art as far as animal attacks are concerned  despite their friendly nature and a little bit of chubbiness, there are many cases where the giant pandas have attacked people and people are always warned not to get closer to them unless they are in the company of a trained animal handler or in a protected area. Remember giant pandas are just like any other bear in the wild and they can attack without warning. Whether its a provoked attack or just a giant panda protecting its baby, the cases are just the same as far as bears which have young ones respond in almost the same manner.

The Size of the Giant Panda

When you really want to how big a giant panda is, you will always be amazed by the size of pandas as they are as big as any other bear species in the world. In fact, there is very little comparison as far as the panda bear and the greatest beautiful dangerous grizzly bears and the polar bears that exist in the different parts of the world. As far as the height of the giant panda is concerned can reach about 4ft to 6ft long and when these panda sometimes stand between two and three feet tall at the shoulder. 

The giant male pandas are larger than the giant female pandas. As far as the general weights of the pandas are concerned  pandas weight about 250 pounds in the wild. With the different diet plans for most of the panda zoos in the world, some pandas might weigh even more due to the enriched fortified food to supplement their diet as well hence keeping wild animals in captivity can prolong their lives but the life they live is not as what is always expected for such animals ti life a full life.

The giant panda endangered status status

If there is an animal which has gotten all the attention as far as conservation and protection of an endangered species is concerned  the giant panda tops the list as the most endangered animal in the planet. A lot of awareness and campaigns have been launched not only by panda loving people, panda enthusiasts or panda photographers and celebrities from all walks of life, with the number of pandas The giant panda is listed as endangered in the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Animals. 

It is one of the most critically endangered species in the world. There are about 2,000 to 3000 left in the wild. About 240 pandas live in zoos such as Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington,San Diego Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Zoo Atlanta USA, Chapultepec Zoo, Mexico City, Madrid Zoo, Kobe Oji Zoo, Adventure World, Shirahama Japan  Chiang Mai Zoo, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Aquarium, Ocean Park, Hong Kong , Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna Austria Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, Australia, Zoo Berlin, Germany and breeding centers around the world, mostly in China. 

The Giant Panda Bear Life Span

How many people have spent life with these beautiful creatures while they are in the wild? If people have managed to live with lions while in the wild when they were still young, very few animal activists and researchers have managed to be with these great animals while in the wild.  Despite all the efforts which are now ongoing, the present pandas are the ones which people are now researching as far as the lifespan of the giant pandas is concerned  Scientists are not sure how long giant pandas live in the wild, but they are sure it is shorter than lifespans in zoos. 

Why do pandas have a short life in the wild?  its very simple. survival for the fittest and only the strong survive. Natural weather condition, pest and diseases, pandas predators and old age which also makes the panda become vulnerable to other predators as well. Its all part of natural selection and the food web as well where by each and a very animal in the pandas habitat is just linked to one another Chinese scientists have reported zoo pandas as old as 35.

Giant Panda with the Bamboo Diet

Pandas find most of their food in the forest which is mainly composed of bamboo  Pandas will eat and eat bamboo day in day our come rain come sunshine. In fact a giant panda's diet is almost 100% bamboo while in the wild. Although the panda is classified in the taxonomy of living things as a carnivore, its diet is primarily herbivorous. A giant panda's diet consists mainly of bamboo, while in captivity giant pandas are also fed apples, sweet potatoes and carrots.
The balance consists of other grasses and occasional small rodents or musk deer fawns. In zoos, giant pandas eat bamboo, sugar cane, rice gruel, a special high-fiber biscuit, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes.

Panda Breeding Habits 
Female giant pandas are notorious for not breeding easily, only ovulating once a year, in the Spring, and for only two to three days during this time. Other than that, they show little interest in mating. While many of the giant pandas which are raised in the wild are also aimed of being introduced back into the wild, not all re-introductions go smoothly. In 2007, a five-year-old male named Xiang Xiang was let into the wild after three years of training, but was was later found dead in a remote part of the reserve. Currently it is estimated that about 2,000 to 3,000 giant pandas live in the wild worldwide, and about 239 in captivity. 

The giant Pandas are slow to reproduce, as litters usually and mainly consist of one cub. When the cub is born, the cute little panda bear will stay with its mother for up three years after birth. You find that in the wild a giant female panda can only have new young once every two years at a time at the most. This slow breeding rate of the giant panda bear, combined with a seeming reluctance to reproduce in captivity, has contributed to the panda's precarious grip on existence in the face of human-related survival pressures.

Giant Panda Social Structure

Adult giant pandas are generally solitary, but they do communicate periodically through scent marks, calls, and occasional meetings. Offspring stay with their mothers from one and a half to three years.


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