June 19, 2011

The Brown Bear Cub lessons after hibernation

Bears are some of the most adorable animals in the world. Who in the world does not have a teddy bear or has never had a chance to hold one. My good guess is that we have all be able to feel the comfort of these beautiful miniature bears in our midst while feeling the comfort of their fur. In fact the black bear is found only throughout North & Central America. Are these the hot places where you hear of dangerous bear attacks on TV or on the newspapers and electronic media? The only thing someone can think of is that there are cases of bears being involved is such dangerous attacks and people need to be aware of these beautiful dangerous animals in the first place. The brown bear family is spread all over the world hence the different stories of bears killing other animals or venturing into peoples houses and bears attacking cars in different parts of the world is just a glimpse of what bears have to portray.

Bears are omnivorous animals and these beautiful endangered omnivorous whether in the wild or in captivity known to be some of the best solitary animals in the wild as far s the bear species are concerned. Its amazing to note that bears being solitary wild animals it’s the mother bear which normally tends to have all the company of its beautiful of springs and whether solitary or not, when a mother bear with cubs finds you on the solitary side and with no company, its just one way of expecting the unexpected unprovoked bear attacks due to the nature of bears and the bear’s natural instincts to attack while defending its young ones. The female bear is the only bear which likes the company of other bears and not as common as the young bears or the adult bears while in the wild.

There are many times where people want to see bears but going in the wild or in bear country is just one way of inviting bear related attacks to you and with no proper logistics to see these animals in the wild, bears can only bee seen when they are many in places like Alaska. You just need to bare the cold just the way the bears bare the cold weather in the mountain and in the deep dangerous forests. Many fishermen who like fishing as a sport are the who must have come in contact with bears in the wild and especially when bears have gathers during the  prime Alaskan fishing spots when the beautiful salmon from the great oceans swim upstream for summer spawning in the deep mountain forests of Alaska.  It is at this time which is the best to see bears and baby bear cubs as well. The fish brings all the food for the bears and the bears need all the fat and protein content they can get from the salmons so that they can make it through the bear hibernation season in the wild.

In fact the best time to see these bears are just before the winter starts when many bears come to eat these fish. It’s the animal food chain where the fish and the bears depend on each other whereby every year these salmons will keep on feeding the bears and any food chain or food web which concerns the salmons will always affect the bears as well as it’s the fish diet which makes the bears strong and supply them with all the fat they need the long winter ahead. In fall a brown bear may eat as much as 90 pounds (40 kilograms) of food each day. As far as these dangerous wild bears are concerned, they are some of the worlds’ top ten most dangerous animals in the world. and as far as the bear’s weight is concerned, the bear in the wild may weigh twice as much before hibernation as it will in spring.

When it comes to hibernation and taking care of the young bears, bears normally protect their feeding and breeding grounds and their natural habitat as a whole. The beautiful brown bears usually dig dens when the time to hibernate comes. During winter the bears will look for a good spot to dig and hibernate for the whole winter season and get ready to come out from the long sleep hungry and with almost half of the normal bear weight.

Winter is the best time for the baby bear cubs to be born. As soon as the mother bear is ready to go to hibernation, a perfect spot in the hill side is chosen where the mother bear can be safe and the new born baby bear cubs as well. During the hibernation the bears do not eat but go to sleep on a slumber for a period of almost four months. It’s very rare to see bears walking from hibernation looking for food as they were not able to have a lot of food during the months just before winter.

All female bears or pregnant bears give birth almost at the same time during the time of winter rest, usually to a pair of very cute bear cubs. The new born bear cubs grow very quickly and most of the time the brown bear cubs nurse on their mother's milk which gives them all the vitalities they need to be able to survive in the wild before being accustomed to the bear’s natural diet which is found in the wild almost till spring and stay with their mother for almost two to two and a half years. One interesting amazing fact about brown bears is that the female bears only reproduce once every three years.

In the African Savannah jungle, the lion is the king of the wild where as in Europe and in the Americas the brown bears are the kings of these beautiful dangerous wild forests. In the bear country, the adult brown bears are the most powerful in these forests and in the wild. In fact one amazing fact about bears is that bears are part of the list of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world and are mostly depicted with violence whether provoked attacks or unprovoked attacks. The make bears are at the top-of-the-food chain predators. With all the energy and the power bears have means a lot of food to be consumed as well. 

As far as the daily diet of a bear is concerned, the bear’s diet consist mostly of different varieties of nuts found in the wild, wild berries, a variety of juicy fruits, different leaves, and roots of specific plants which we humans still have no idea why they eat such a variety of vegetation and keeping in mind that bears are mostly omnivorous. Another beautiful interesting fun fact about bears is that these beautiful endangered bears whenever they get an opportunity in the wild will not

Its always difficult for people to say that the bears found in Canada are the biggest bears in the world or just to pin point that a certain bar found in this or that place is the biggest bear in the world. Why don’t we have the Guinness records about the biggest bear in the world? If hear hunters would not have been hunting these beautiful bears for the sake of trophies, I guess we would at least have a record of the biggest bear in the world. Well it’s a pity that such records if at all were there they are long gone when bears used to roam the beautiful coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska, and on islands such as Kodiak.

Did you know that bears are very good swimmers? Well bears can swim in cold water which we humans will definitely find chilling to the bone. One more amazing fact about bears is that despite the bear’s massive body, do not be fooled that you can outrun a bear, well these beautiful dangerous animals can very first and the  brown bears are known to be extremely fast runners and can run at speeds of almost  30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour). Many of the animal attacks related to bears is when campers in many of the cases are caused in places where bears roam. If there is always a lot of information about bears circulating around during any dangerous bear attacks, the number of incidences related to mother bear and its cubs might just be reduced as these bears can be dangerous to humans, particularly if surprised or if a person gets between a mother bear and her cubs.

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