June 13, 2011

The Lion Cubs

The  baby Lion information summary Cub
Lions are some of the most lovable animals as far as the animal wild and the animal kingdom is concerned
Lion cubs looking at the lions hunting in the Savannah lands
Lion Information:

Swahili Name:     Motto wa Simba
Lions are some of the world's most dangerous
animals in the world as they attack while in the wild
Scientific Name:  Panthera leo
Size:                  10 TO  48 inches high
Weight:             2.2 TO  330 to 500 pounds
Open Eyes :       About 10 days
Walk:                After 10 to 15 days
Run After           25 to 30 days
Lifespan:           13 years in captivity
Habitat:             Savannah woodlands
Diet:                 Mothers milk, Carnivorous
Gestation:         About 105 days
Predators:         Animals &  Humans

Baby lions in the wild become vulnerable to predators such as the Africa wild
dogs, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards if they are not in the company of the lioness
The lion cubs born in the best African safari in the world with plenty of African wildlife gives rise to  the coming of noble King of the jungle and the head of the big five to walk the land. Born wild the first days of life, the two to four of the cute harmless cubs of the lioness are born in the bounty vast grasslands of the Savannah which holds one of the greatest animal migration in history.

 Kenya Safari offers the birth of the Lion King

These little cute lion babies when they are born in the lions den just like any other mountain lions, they are partially blind for the first two weeks of life. 
Beautiful lion pride sleeping after hunting while the baby lion keeps  practicing
its hunting skills to prepare to use when the young lion is grown up
A lion baby shower is given day in day out and the cubs spend most of their first sixty days suckling and sleeping. By the third month they are trotting behind their mother who from her daily rounds going with the rest of the heard looking for food  has to come by once in a while and sometimes has  to stop from time to time when one of them becomes lost in the tall grass.  With plenty of food from a variety to chose from, the lion diet is mainly composed of any live or dead animal.

The lions habitat has all what it has for its diet and all the diet Africa Safari goes need to have
Cute lioness and two lion cubs in the wild after
feeding beautiful amazing baby lion cubs image

Since lions prefer live animals, impalas, zebras and other African animals regardless whether they are male or female, young or old, sick or well the feed will provide the lioness plenty to eat hence  produces enough milk for its cubs. After a kill the lion or lioness if far away from home  often brings its catch next to the lions den or to a sheltered  place to  eat in shade and to protect it from other wild animals and birds. 

At six months the young lions have begun to lick and bite the prey caught by their parents.This is the time when the taste of blood, the smell of wild animals is introduced  and two months later they are weaned.

The African Lion is given the green light to roam the wildlife national parks, National reserves, zoos, animal sanctuaries, circuses and peoples homesteads.

Lioness carrying its cubs to change location away
from dangerous lions and dangerous habitat
Being part of the lion pride doesn't come about if you don't have the lions head with all the sharp canines to reap and tear down flesh. When the cub's permanent teeth start to appear after a few months, they are truly eligible to be the princes of the African Jungle with pride. At the end of their first year, when their milk teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth, the cubs are introduced to stalking and hunting by their mother. At this time, in the company of the big lions, there is always a lot of socializing and familiarizing themselves with what they come along with. These cute baby lions, playing, running, jumping and biting with each other is always the name and  thing of the day.

The lion's behavior

Lion cubs lost in the jungle afraid and 
scare of lion predators
The lions habitat is mainly composed of grassland, shrubs and scrubs in the African wilderness. During lion hunting, lions attack their prey and all the lion members of the pride come to feast together. When lions are eating their meals, all lions are very energetic and each lion will try to  seize the biggest strips  and chunks of meat, internal organs organs such as the animal liver, heart and hard bones. 

There are many interesting facts about lions. The lion with its cubs will fight over their food with their special lion growls and grunts which sometimes when not interpreted properly might change the days events during the course of the meal. The strongest of the lion's cubs ‘takes the lion’s share’.

African holidays safaris are memorable with  pictures of lions
and cute baby lion pictures during luxurious safaris in the parks
Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, wildlife or animal poaching, diseases and luck of abundant lions prey to feed on very few cubs will survive. All baby lions will remain with their mother until 18 months old, for only then will these cute baby lion cubs  become the heir of the king of the African Savannah if they are lucky or the baby lion cubs will end up for sale in the black market due to lion poaching or endangered species.

The Baby Lion Spotted Coat
Safari packages and trips are not interesting if Lions information feeding
and breeding grounds is hard to come by
The baby lion costume as far as this baby Simba king and also female lion are concerned, when the lion cubs are born, they have visible tawny black spots running down the spine and as the baby lion grows older, the cub's spotted coat disappears with time while some cubs tend to keep their spotted coat for eight months, and sometimes it can even take longer than expected.

Cute lion cubs drinking water in Nile river very
beautiful amazing Africa Savannah animal images
Lion cubs are very cute and can be good pets
but these small cute lions are not good pets 
The baby lion lower parts tend to be white and woolly and gradually the whiteness fades away with time. What would people say if the baby lion never lost its spots. Just as baby lions and baby tigers lose their spots, nature has its own ways just as the Male lion's mane which is not found in other breeds of lions around the world. What's the easiest way to spot a lion in the African jungle on a safari or just in the wilderness and being at the wrong  time and at the wrong place.
Lions are endangered and people should save
endangered animals before the become extinct
Cute lion cubs with spotted coat when they are
young as they look like any other big cats

Well just as you can distinguish a male chicken by its crown on its head. These cubs when they become adult male lions they will have mane because lions are the only part of the cat family in which males can be distinguishes from each other by their looks. 

Beautiful baby lion cubs playing with the big
lionor the dominant lion in the pride
Lets not forget facts about the white baby lion. The white baby lion is part of the lions family. This white lion bread rareness has nothing to do with being an albino. Like all the rest of the lions in the wild, the rest of the lion pride take the baby lion as its own and the lion doesn't segregate. Keeping the Lions pride together comes with a cost of the lioness pride in the wilderness

Introduction of the cubs to the lions pride
Lion cub drinking milk 
away from other lion cubs
Lion pride in the African Savannah dangerous
forests of Africa grasslands
The lions survival in the wilderness doesn't come easy. When the cubs reach about 2 months old, they have to be introduced to the pride. At this time, the lioness is always defenseless when the father comes into contact with the cubs. The cubs have to win over the head of the pride slowly to be accepted pride.

Little lions playing 
Lioness protecting its cubs a duty of the lioness
and all the feeding lions in the pride
The  lion cubs would tease the lion king his conflicting emotion and when the head of the pride feels contented, he starts playing with the cubs. The new cubs become part of the pride and Mothers and sisters together with elder daughters all work together feeding and guarding the cubs as cubs turn the African Savannah into their backyard playing ground.

When all the African jungle animals put the lion kingdom to the test African National Parks are at their best to capture the lion kill

Lions killing lion babies when the lion pride is taken over
The lioness has a very big challenge while protecting its young ones. The male lions take no part in raising the the cubs. The lioness has to provide food and training to hunt to the your cubs is very crucial. If attacked by a pack of dangerous hyenas, wolves, foxes and any other unwanted-animals  who would want to make a meal out of the baby king lion, the lioness has only two choices before all hell breaks lose: fight to the finish, or retreat with in her mouth and abandon the others.

Having that scenario you wouldn't have a chance to see cute or funny pictures of baby lions playing or jumping which could be breath taking to all the peaceful African safari loving tourist. Being in the wrong lion kingdom lineage might spell havoc to the young lion if the father lion suspects that its not one of its offspring. There are cases where  male lion would attack and kill all the offspring in the heard so that the mother lion can bring forth its offspring in the event of the absence of the king of the jungle or taking over of territory. If new lions want to start a family when they come to a new pride, adopting step cubs or children is way out of the question.

The new lions would kick and defeat the father of the pride. If that is done, they must kill the cubs and mate with the lioness. If the females have enough cubs, they may take on the new males and drive them away but if there is no unity in the pride and some of the lioness want to start new pride, a lot is always at stake. Fights beak out and a lot of injuries take place.
The grooming from the lion expert as it acquires information education  from the king of the jungle makes this baby lion a perfect dangerous machine

Baby lion taking a leak away from lion prey 
indangerous lion habitat
As the young lion-king grows he is always astonished with the adult lions behavior during the lions social interaction. The lion cubs are always eager to learn and quickly  imitate the big lions by looking at what its father is doing whether the lion scratching the ground, tearing the bark of a tree,  sharpening his claws on the ebony or mahogany tree.

The Power of the lions paw
Lions roars communicating can reach mile and the threat lingers
around the national parks zoos or any lions territory.
Day in and day out  as these baby lions start putting on weight, they start putting into use their  front legs for pouncing and jumping on each other. Although the female lions might find it normal, the male lions will always find it annoying and brush them aside thinking of their naps.

These little front paws of the cub will tend to grow stronger and  gradually be able to break bones of small animals such as Impalas, antelopes and even foxes. The paws are embedded with razor sharp nails which protrude during need and retract while not in use and with a single blow when these cubs are grown up, they can bring down any animal on the move with one strike.
beautiful baby lion biting the tail a practice the
baby lion needs to practice to perfect the hunting
skills it will require to survive in the wild
As month go by the enthusiastic lions grow very quickly and during their occasional lion hunting with their mother, with a special growl the lioness orders the baby lions to lie down while she stalks her prey with stealth, smelling and sensing which animal in the lot to catch among the weak or young ones. 

Beautiful lion in the wild king of the Kenyan
pride lions Masai Mara National Park Kenya
The lion babies eager and inquisitive to venture into their life mentoring season remain behind quietly: they watch the lioness and the pride of lions as they lumber through the tall grass of the Savannah which provide good cover while hunting and  all the stages of the kill and learn how it is done. 
Some of the best lion conservation projects and
saving the African big cats initiatives help to
protect & conserve the beautiful dangerous lions

Since most hunting takes place during cloudy conditions or early hours of the evening or morning and during the dead of the night the lion king and the lioness have a better advantage as during the day the lions can be seen, smelled or heard while approaching as most of the prey have a good sense of hearing and smell and always tend to be uneasy as the king of the lions hunting technique depends on stalking within range of its prey. The great East Africa wildlife migration is a blessing for tourist and for newborn animals to walk the animal kingdom and the best time to practice the true and natural animal instincts

lion cub walking away after eating and playing
During the rainy seasons when there is always plenty of lion's food, when the king of jungle has a full stomach which can last him for 3 to days and can stay hungry for more than a week, the lion king can be  very tolerant  towards baby lions playing or nagging the papa lion. The king lion would lets the cubs bite and scratch him and lick his face, ears and nose. 

The male lion even lets them climb on top of him. Who doesn't want to be around lions if you are one of them. Well the male lion take some exceptions as this king lion always tries to be himself at all occasions. The best thing the king of the jungle does apart from being the best and the most dangerous animal is to take long naps after gulping pounds and pounds of flesh which will last him for a few days rather than playing with tail with its cubs.

The lions hunting technique
Catching small animals with two feet is what  start with these baby lions. When scavengers such as vultures who come and perch of the carcass and try to nimble that is left from the feast of the kings of the jungle the lion cubs occasionally and  cautiously approaches a vulture or any other bird of prey, a four-month-old cub longing to imitate its parents, springs on his prey. With many skills yet to be leaned and acquired and to be put into full use  which might still be lacking due to poor coordination and reasoning, the this clumsy efforts end in a comical disasters

Lion cubs for sale
Lion cubs for sale, baby lions to adopt comes with a lot of lion research before the lions become man eaters and spell havoc in the mans environment.

Lion cubs endangered species of animals
A lost lion or an abandoned cub in the wilderness  can be reared by humans. There are  always plenty of people looking for baby lions for sale  or advertisement  stating baby lions to adopt and things like that. Its not a bad  choice to give a home to this  little baby lion. The right thing to do is to alert the nearest authorities hen you come across one which could have been abandoned by its mother, a poacher or even a n animal trader. What most people do mostly is keep them as pets which sounds fun and  an obligation to the animal due to the love of the lion and the circumstances they have lead in to such a bond.  

One doesn't  to be told that education is the best cure. In the beginning feeding the animal will be fun as it is with small baby lions if one has already experience with dogs. But with time, however, the task becomes impossible: the cub will become extremely expensive to feed and will outgrow its surroundings and without proper training it will eventually become dangerous.

Lion Africa Safari in Kenya.
You will enjoy the best Africa Safari in Kenya., Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa and experience animal  attacks if these animals are not bread in captivity.Many incidences of lions mauling people have been caught on tape. Lives have been lost due to lion attacks and a lot is being spent to prevent such attacks as these little baby dangerous lions are and will always live to their names and become the greatest dangerous animals in the world. 

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