November 23, 2011

Hunting wild animals

Animal hunting the pray and the predator

Animals hunting has existed since man stepped into this world. Now that man has found other ways of getting his food, is there a need for animal hunting? What are the facts about animal hunting have to say? Do people need this sport of moose hunting or its just the other way round. What do we need to hunt or curl the moose, dear, elk and the caribou population in a given animal habitat. I guess the story should start, why did the rich and the wealthy come to Africa to hunt wild animal sand especially to hunt the Big Five? Is this the reason as to why those who liked hunting wanted to extend this pleasure in their own time and just at the back of their wilderness in the different parts of the world where hunting is just another way of human satisfaction as far as the ego is concerned..

For the animal hunting experts, I guess to many the meat is just a delicacy and a way of getting to know with one another while you are out there. The rest of the animal loving people and for the animal rights groups it might be just the perfect reason to work on a new research  as to what should really be done in order to stop this animal killing ritual year in year out where as there are still may parts of the world which don't have these animals where people kill for the sake of trophies rather than re introducing them in places with similar habitat in different parts of the world as well

Despite the fact that animal hunting and killing of animals for the sake or trophy so or as a sport, for most of the animal lovers in the vicinity of these moose, dear elk and caribou territory is just a way to go by the books to control the population as it is done or has been done in many parts of the world to control the spread of animal diseases and for the balance of nature which can only be done by man.  Many animal experts say that as the animals keep on breeding, there is always bound to be lack of space for the animals and hence this population has to be put a check. You have to control the  animal population or these beautiful animals will die in a widespread disease that could wipe out most of the moose in on area. Moose have been  hunted since the beginning for the meat, their fur and for their skin  and will continue. With new techniques of animal hunting, new animal hunting weapons have been introduced to help attack these animals during their hunting season and this new wave or sophisticated hunting weapons will no doubt see the moose and the dear being hunted hunting for the generation and generations to come as in Africa, many many countries still let people go for the big game hunting as part of the foreign exchange earner for their countries. While many animal rights and animal organisations are fighting to help same most of the endangered animals in Africa, there is a dire need for a rule of thumb which should be put into effect when people or countries draw the line as far as animal hunting is concerned..

Animal hunting Season dangerous animal accidents

While many of the natural animal habitat has come into contact with where man lives, animal accidents and moose accidents have just been part of what nature has to offer. The encroachment of many by building roads in the moose natural habitat is just one way which has brought a clash and hence opened new ways for easy access to these animals to be hunted. As a matter of fact, while trying to save these animals being hunted down, there are those people who would just go on the rampage as they drive and  whithout caution end up causing accidents and these beautiful animals end up dead. While a lot of information about animal accidents still remains at the lower level, ways of reducing animal accidents should be implemented at all levels to ensure a smooth process from the vicinity where animals are not endangered to places where animals become a danger to people who are using roads as well

While driving and ways to avoid animal accidents some of the best option is to quickly accelerate to get past the animal in the animal is running in the same direction as you are.  It is difficult to choose this option fast enough to be effective because accelerating feels very counter-intuitive at this point. However, in the right circumstance, it can be your best option to avoid a collision. While animals have their own animal instincts, whatever you do while you are out there in the animal habitat, just do your best and go by the books.

Remember there are strange animals out there as far as moving objects are concerned. Animals are always facinated with light and as a matter of fact a deer will freeze in car lights as you approach even if they are not directly in the roadway and then suddenly come to the road  very fast as you drive close by them. In  such as scenario this will result in the deer hitting the side of the car and causing less danger to the dear or the moose that is hit by the car. To some extent depending onthe speed of the car and the actual concentration of the dtriver, ithis can in some ways make the car overturn and hence caution is of importance and steady hands is what is needed.

As a matter of fact while slowing down could result in the deer being even more likely to hit your car. The best advice for this or to avoid any animal accident may be to keep driving at the speed you are going without any rapid change in speed so as to make the animal aware that you are not a threat to him  or direction and let the deer's natural instincts take care of both of you. It obviously helps to moderate speed in circumstances where this might happen.

Many people who have animal accidents while driving out in the animal habitat are sometimes victims of circumstances. Its not bad luck or luck of good driving skills to many of the folks whoa re out there while driving during these animal migration, some of these animal incidences just take place within a blink of a second and the damage is already done.

With a lot of animal information within the road which one intends to take while passing in the wilderness all makes the difference. Having the idea or what is ahead of you during the entire journey will just give you all the preparation and what to expect and when to expect when you encounter these animals on the road and how to avoid animal road accidents as a whole.

Always people should try to focus ahead about how you would personally react in the situation of a deer or moose appearing before you or trying to cross the road while you are within your speed limit.. This pre-preparation mentally can make your reactions better and calmer and can help save lives of the people in the vehicle as well as the animals crossing the road..

People should be very careful at all times while driving especially in bad weather conditions and also finding yourself in the animal habitat as well. As the saying goes One deer means more deer mainly during the natural animal migration hence caution is of the most importance. Deer, moose and other animals  travel in herds and if you see one the best wy to avoid any animal road accident is to slow right down  as much as possible as there will be many more animals trying to cross the very same road which was empty a few seconds ago. . Moose are less gregarious, so one moose may simply mean one moose but it is still suggestive that more moose are in the area and the mother moose or cows are are always tagging along with their calves.

Its always advisable to be ready of any sudden animal movement swhile you are out there. To help you avoid acidents always where possible use the headlights of other cars  which might be there to help you look out or scan for deer or moose which might be lingering within the vicinity. Always look for  moving animal  shadows within the beams of the other cars for signs of deer or moose that might be on the move soas toavoid any unwanted or unforseen accidents..

Watch for water intersecting with the road - creeks, swamps, and wetlands are moose and deer attractants. The road is an easy pathway out of these waterways for an animal, so there is a higher possibility that they may be around them.

While prevention is better than cure, you wouldn't want to risk the lives of others while you are driving in order to waste no time which you might have lost. Its advisable to rent a room in the nearby motel or just pull over and rest or stay where you are and leave later when the coast is clear and there are no threats which could have impaired your judgement while driving in the animal infested habitat crossing the road.
as you would have felt  that driving around deer/moose is too dangerous. It is better to arrive alive where you are going  and late than to be injured or killed in the name of punctuality.For may animal loving creatures, such a spectacular movement of animals is just a breathtaking moment and great animal videos and animal pictures come in this form if you are lucky to have a handy camera or a nice phone which can take great pictures and carry these great moment with you and to the rest of the world

Be extra aware if there is a fire. Deer and other animals will move quite a distance away from the fire and will cross roads far from their usual areas. Even if the fire is miles away, watch for the animals at any time to be leaving the fire areas.
These tips will NOT work on other hoofed quadrupeds such as horses or reindeer and can only be used safely on deer or moose.
While driving as a general rule you should not drive if you are sleepy or you have had alcohol. Being sober is not only a prerequisite for driving safely, it is also essential for avoiding collisions with animals.
While hunting dear, always be warned that deer whistles are somewhat of a gimmick; do not expect them to work.
The eyes of a moose do reflect light like those of a deer. The problem is that since moose are so tall, their eyes are often above the beams of most passenger vehicles, making it less likely that they will reflect head lights, which can make them especially hard to see at night. Also, moose are dark coloured, increasing the difficulty of seeing them at night.  You should always  drive carefully if you believe there are any moose  or other wild animals trying to cross the road.

With many of the state or interstate roads having been coverd with fences, these fences  along the roads are not an assurance of safety of you and the family and neither is it for the dear or moose. Usually any dear or moose can easily  walk around them, through them or over them. Don't rely on them; for peace of mind, drive carefully instead.
If you swerve away from a deer or moose in the road and hit something else, like a safety rail or tree, your automobile insurance may charge you for an at-fault accident and make you pay your collision deductible. If you hit the animal you will pay your comprehensive deductible, which is often lower than your collision deductible. Don't switch on the vehicle's internal lights. This causes glare on the inside of the windshield which could reduce visibility and make the animals harder to see.


Anonymous said...

Why do people hunt if there is a lot of food or meat availabl. Its just a question I still haven t fugured out yet

Dangerous Animals said...

Some people like to go for animal hunting just because it is allowed by lay and as a necessity for the survival of the species in a given habitat