December 09, 2011

Dangerous plants and animals of the A

Dangerous plants and animals of the Amazon and rain forest jungle

The rainforest has many different plant specie and animals. You might be amazed to note that these animals and plants are as dangerous as they as they can look. The small creatures such as scrubs, mites and ticks are just some of the friendly dangerous animals and insects someone can ever think of while out there in the jungle of the rainforest. These small plants and insects big animals and small animals can cause just as many problems if not more than their bigger rivals.
The greatest parasite of all ages and the king of blood in the animal kingdom, the ticks live on the ground in dry logs and when the right times comes along, these dangerous tics crawl and attach themselves to any blood living organism and that’s where the life of blood sucking goes on. It is therefore advisable while you are in the dangerous rainforest to use a groundsheet if planning on sitting down in the rainforest for your safari animal research or just for pleasure.
With plenty of places to hide and hitchhike while in the rainforest, you might just be amazed to the extent of which animals big and small in the rainforest have managed to adopt themselves to the different conditions and for their entire survival as well. Most of the time juvenile scrub-itch mites like to attach themselves in skin folds as these areas is constricted by clothing, such as waistbands.
You don’t have to be worried when these mites attack you because mites are easy to remove using head lice treatment and by washing all clothing.  You might be amazed to note that such dangerous insects and mites can be as harmful and dangerous if care and protection from such dangerous insects and creatures is not given a priority. On the other hand the adult scrub ticks are a more serious matter though.  One thing a bout mites is that the feeding female's toxin can cause fatal paralysis in humans.
What is the best way to prevent getting stung or bitten with mites and ticks is that the best way is by avoiding walking and camping in areas with thick undergrowth the chances of getting bitten are greatly reduced.  While it might be difficult to know what has bitten you while you are out there in the rainforest with many creatures and plants brushing your skin and crossing paths with you, the symptoms of a bite from an insect would include an itchy, raised crater like swelling. This could be followed by a headache and numbness or pain in the affected area.  The best solution is not to panic or ignore what has bitten you or what creature has sting you. If you see what insect had stung you, you defiantly have a better change of getting the correct medication for the correct sting or insect bite. That’s why you just need to be careful while your are out there in the jungle. In order to prevent any more insect bites or getting stung, in order to kill the tick apply insecticide or alcohol.

Dangerous Creepy Crawlies

With the abundance of food and the perfect living conditions and diverse natural habitat, the small beautiful babies of animals  and insects such as  spiders, scorpions, centipedes, wasps, hairy caterpillars and ants can inflicts painful bites or stings. There are many cases where spiders have known to kill people if the person stung by a spider did not get proper medical attention. The emperor scorpion are just some of the most dangerous insects in the world and care has to be taken in order to prevent such insects from attacking. On the other hand, as most insects, animals and plant species are harmless though the simplest thing to do is leave them alone and they will do the same to you.
Dangerous creepy Leeches

These secretive dangerous creatures are found throughout the rainforest, leeches are a great annoyance to bushwalkers.  These creepy creatures are just perfect at climbing to people without even knowing. People are not aware about leaches until it has fed on blood and you feel the itch.
After climbing the victim’s leg or dropping onto them from foliage they will attach themselves to the first bare bit of flesh, usually above the socks. That’s why it always advisable while moving or walking in the rainforest or while on a safari that you should always protect your body by putting on the appropriate clothes which can cover your body parts and make it impossible for animals or dangerous insects from biting or stinging you. The other way of keeping these dangerous creatures from attacking you is by simply applying insect repellant before embarking on your trip over your shoes and socks should deter leeches. The best way to remove leaches are simply using a flame. Cutting down a leach will just create more excruciating pain to you and a great discomfort as well. The best way to remove these dangerous creepy leeches is by exposing them to a flame or sprinkling them with salt or alcohol.

Dangerous poisonous vipers and lethal Snakes
There are no creatures that are most feared other than snakes. These dangerous beautiful creatures have had both good myth and bad myth about snakes. With the different sizes of snakes and species from different parts of the world, snakes are some of the living dangerous creatures that have one of the worst reputations. Out there in the wilderness and in the rainforest you find that the majority of snakes are harmless. These beautiful creatures are as timid as they can be and as dangerous when they are under attack or are surprised or being in danger. Most of the time these beautiful snakes prefer to flee from humans if they're given the chance.  The best way t o avoid snake bites or dangerous encounters with snakes is to read about snakes that are found within that natural habitat. While out therein the wild and in the snake feeding and breeding grounds you should be careful at all times and look before stepping over logs and don't poke around rock crevices, hollow logs or burrows.  These are always the best places where snakes hide and by venturing into such unwanted activities by the snakes, that’s just a perfect way of getting attacked by a dangerous snake. Its always advisable to wear  sturdy boots in order to avoid being bitten by a snake when you step on one, the thick socks and long trousers always help to decrease your chances of getting bitten by a snake.
If you are in the jungle and bitten by a snake, the best way is not to panic and one of the best things to do is to see if you can recognize the snake which has bitten you. You will have to concentrate on the area where you have been bitten by a snake and immediately apply a tight, broad pressure bandage. You should always try to keep the limb immobile and seek medical attention. Moving around or trying to run for help will just speed up the venom to flow and reach your hear even faster and thereby decreasing your chances of survival.  If possible to gain a positive identification of the snake without endangering other people, this will assist the medical officers to provide appropriate treatment.

The cassowaries are some of the most important animals in the rainforest. The Cassowary with its huge size and large toenails is quite capable of causing serious injuries which can be fatal to humans.  While in the wilderness, the male Cassowary is an extremely dedicated parent and won't hesitate to use its powerful legs to defend itself or young. While you are out therein the juggles of the rainforest or just in the wilderness and you encounter one try to slip behind a tree or rock.  Its strange to note that if you don't run it will normally walk away from you.  People should always leave wild animals to fend for themselves. Unless these beautiful creatures are in captivity and are at the mercy of their care giver you should nott feed them either, they are a wild animal and feeding them encourages human contact. This can lead to problems in the future if they become dependant on humans for food.
Stinging Tree
There are a few plants in the rainforest and the stinging tree (Gympie-Gympie) is definitely one of them. It is normally found along tracks and clearings, especially on red soil. It has fine poisonous hairs on its heart-shaped leaves that penetrate the skin and cause severe irritation. The fine hairs can cause renewed pain up to two months after the initial sting. The easiest way to remove the hairs is by using depilatory wax, adhesive tape, or shaving. You can also try flooding the area with diluted acid, then washing.
Tree Sap
Sap from some plants can cause skin irritations. It is therefore important not to pull foliage off plants. As well as being damaging to the environment you may get sap on you skin.
Lawyer Vine
Also known as 'wait-a-while', the lawyer vine is a prickly climbing plant with hook-like spines that attach themselves to anything. If you do become caught simply remove to barbs in the opposite direction to which they attached themselves.
Rainforest Fruits
Although they may look tempting, you should resist the temptation to eat rainforest fruits. Fruits and seed that are eaten by native birds and animals may be dangerous to humans.

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