December 10, 2011

Leopards amazing safari pictures

The Big cats and the dangerous Leopard

Leopards hunt and cary their prey to hide on the tree

Africa has almost all the big cats apart from the Asian tiger and the black panther. With an abundant of wild animals and home of the big cats such as the lion the cheetah and mainly the leopard, this greatest African brave animal is also known as panthera pardus. The leopard is the smallest animal  from the big cat family felidae of the three family tigers,jaguars and lions.

The African Leopards are part of the cat family, Felidae and the scientific name for a leopard is Panthera pardus. These great African animals are some of the most respected animals in Africa not just because leopards videos are good or just because there are many good leopard pictures which  have made people to take many leopard pictures to  hang in their walls and as calendars and and other ways of appreciating leopards as well.
As far s the leopard colour and leopard coat is concerned, leopards are in fact some of the most beautiful animals in the world and the leopard coat is very cool mainly composed of cream and gold spotted fur. The a Asian leopards on the other hand have black fur with dark spots. Like any other animals in the wild, the black leopards are often mistaken for black panthers.

Leopards blend with their surrounding to ready to attack
Many animals in their natural habitat and not in captivity always leave their home to go and make other homes of their own. While in captivity when leopards become adult  you find that the leopard itself being a solitary animal  will always be alone when it reaches adulthood. With a lot of competition for prey and breeding grounds, thee leopards are not deterred with space but will always find their own territory when they are  adult. Hence each adult  leopard has its own territory and has it protected for as long as the leopard is alive.

Leopards some of the worlds biggest cats with great looks
despite the fact that there is always competition with other male leopards which sometimes result in fatal leopard to leopard attacks and the outcome is always dangerous to the leopards while in the harsh African jungles hence all adult leopards will  try to avoid contact with  one another.

Leopards has the strongest body to kill and drag animals
While the great Nile Crocodile is built for crashing bones, the African leopard’s body is built for hunting any animal in the African Savannah lands.. Like a mosquito stalking its prey, a leopard is sleek and has a very  powerful body. All this great body of the leopard is just a plus point to survive in the African wilderness which is fully infested with other predators waiting to roam the great African plains as well. Having speed on its side, the African leopard in fact can run at speeds of up to 57 kilometres per hour.  Its this great speed which leopards have been blessed with that make them some of the most amazing animals in the wold while out there in their natural habitat.
Cats, leopard's teath sharp tot he bone it goes

Just like the chimpanzees are babes in the woods, the African leopards are also good swimmers.. Whether its a fish in the water or just a few animals wadding around the water, the leopard can make a meal out of them as well. When you talk of climbing, don't forget the leopard as well. With the great body and the proper animal instincts, leopards are also good tree climbers as they can climb, leap and jump long distances chasing their prey or running away from their prey as well.
leopard stalking its prey from the top of the tree
Why is an animal tail important? is it important in any way? While for many reasons, the animal tail is always used to communicate a message to others, sometimes an animal tail is  used to chase away insects is just to create its space, the leopard's tail is just extraordinary. With all the amazing speed leopards have, the leopard tail is one of the most important part of the leopards body and all the great speed. The leopard’s tail is almost as  long as the leopard's' whole body.  With the simple riles of aerodynamics balance and the centre of gravity play a very important role. The animals build for the kill with great speed just like the great white sharks, the long leopards tail helps it with balance  while it is running and great speeds and this always keeps it on the move and have an advantage over other animals which don't have a long tail and are not accustomed to running in the whole.  Having this running ability, you will find that leopards will always hunt during the day as they are nocturnal and will occasionally do their  hunting at night.

Leopards endangered animals hunted for their golden fur
Hide and seek in the African wilderness is very important for any animal in the natural habitat. With competition for food and other carnivorous animals as well, food can be smelled by other animals from miles and miles away. Saving or keeping that animal which has been hunted down is of great importance. For this reason, you find that may times leopards will try their best to protect their food from other animals by dragging it high up into the trees. How long the carcass will remain up in the tree depends on the leopard and the other animals living with the leopard as well. The leopard when it has eaten and is satisfied will  leave its prey up in the tree for days and return only when they are hungry!

Leopards are natural tree climbers and can attack from all sides

For the continuation of generation and given the proper and natural breeding grounds, when female leopards become mature, they give birth to a little of two or three cubs at a time. When a female leopard is ready to mate she will give a scent and rub her body on the trees to leave her smell there. Male leopards either smell the females scent or hear her call to know that she is ready to mate and what ensues is another endangered animal ready to walk the harsh conditions of the animal world.
Whether these cute baby leopards survive the harsh Sahara weather conditions or the great pests and diseases of African, they will not be out of the woods even if the leopard reaches maturity as poachers ready to skin the leopard alive for their skins are always ready and would go miles to try to feed the illegal endangered animal parts markets around the world. Otherwise when the leopard reaches about two years old it will leave the company of its mother and live on their own fending .

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Leopards are different from cheetahs as cheetahs have
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